An Australian first

For the first time, this eye-opening film will give Australian audiences unparalleled access to life in a remote aboriginal community, told through the lens of three contemporary twenty-something sisters. This fly on the wall, observational documentary drama will tell the fascinating story of an Aboriginal Australian family as we’ve never seen before. With an Aboriginal mother and a Caucasian father, daughters Noni, Alice and Grace are navigating their twenties while moving, as they always have, between two cultures and two homes. Facing constant challenges that most of us will never know, we’ll join the Eather sisters and their extended family as they prepare to take on their biggest battle yet. Audiences won’t be able to predict the next scene – let alone how this story will unfold – but one thing is for sure, the Stingray Sisters don’t give up without a fight.

What's to come...

Don't be surprised if you fall in love with the Stingray Sisters. Whether they’re running rings around boys in Brisbane or putting their community on the map, these sisters will take any challenge head on! This is a young, contemporary perspective on an ancient world that has long been misunderstood. This fast-paced documentary is filled with drama that will surprise, shock, humour and intrigue. Audiences will be holding on to their seats as these young, extraordinary women navigate the world in their own special way, drawing strength from each other when they're forced to take on the biggest challenge imaginable. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen. You won’t be able to predict the next scene – let alone how this story will unfold – but one thing is for sure ... Stingray Sisters will change things. 


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