Three saltwater sisters will do whatever it takes to save their 40,000 year-old culture from the threat of seabed mining.

Three sisters, raised in two worlds, receive the shock of their lives after they discover that their mother’s sacred country in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, is the next target for unconventional mining in Australia. A petroleum exploration company has identified 40 parcels of water throughout Arnhem Land as potential goldfields for gas and petroleum offshore mining.

As they take a stand against seabed mining in Arnhem Land, the Stingray Sisters know they have a huge battle ahead. They watch on in despair as more and more elders pass, and an ancient knowledge leaves with them.

The sisters can only run on instinct as they attempt to define their role as the next generation of Kunibiji leaders in an unstable political climate. The film will follow the journey of these incredible women as they do whatever it takes to save their mother’s community from desecration. 


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